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Supplier of Innovative Products to the Education Trade

For sales and service call

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Brackitz Construction Sets

We are pleased to announce that we are distributing Brackitz throughout Europe. Designed in the USA, Brackitz is a brand new construction system using short and long planks that join together at various angles using connectors. These high quality sets are available in both plastic and wooden versions.

A lot of construction systems use building blocks, but the beauty of Brackitz is that this system goes beyond blocks and allows children to use their creative minds to build any structure that they can imagine. It is fun and educational, and lays the foundation for high-level cognitive thinking, reasoning and problem solving skills through play.

We have also brought out model cards for all of our new Brackitz construction sets. Using these cards is a great starting point for teaching children about the various ways to join the pieces together to then move onto creating their own models.

When children start to create their own models, there is no end to what they can make. Below are some of the fantastic creations that can be made:

Brackitz Big Wheel

Brackitz Sailing Ship

Brackitz Model

For more information on Brackitz, please contact our sales manager Darren Bell.

Darren Bell
Sales Manager
Mobile: +44(0)7803 627179
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