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Supplier of Innovative Products to the Education Trade

For sales and service call

+44(0)1285 862800

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Snapo – Snap, Slide and Rotate

We are delighted to now be distributing Snapo throughout Europe. Snapo is a unique, versatile construction product that will delight children of all ages. All the sets are made from the highest quality materials to create a durable product that will last for many years. It is available in 2 sizes to cater for both early years and primary school ages:

  • Larger sized blocks “Snapo Junior” for younger children aged 18 months+.
  • Smaller sized blocks “Snapo” for children aged 3+ who are progressing onto making more complex models.

Both sizes have 3 unique features – you can snap, slide and rotate the blocks:

Snapo Snap

Snapo Slide

Snapo Rotate

One great feature of Snapo is that you can build in 2 different directions at the same time – simply put 2 blocks together, and then build in the opposite direction down the join of these 2 blocks.

Snapo Junior Sets for Early Years

These are available as either a 50 piece or a 100 piece set and include 9 different shaped components, along with work cards showing models. We have found that the models are ideal for early years children building their first models, and children will take great pride showing off their creations. These big chunky pieces are easy to slot together – simply snap the pieces together and then slide or rotate them. We believe these sets are both fun and educational for younger children.

Snapo Sets for Primary School Aged Children

These Snapo sets include Snapo blocks that are much smaller than Junior Snapo. Like Snapo Junior, there are work cards in both our 250 piece and 500 piece sets. There are also a greater variety of piece shapes compared to Junior Snapo, allowing the budding builder to create more complex models. These models will also take more time to build due to both the number of pieces to be used and the thinking skills that are required to put the models together. You can make just about anything with these Snapo pieces. Indeed Snapo believe that the quality of life is improved by playful activities which enhance mental capacity, improve healthy brain development and spark the imagination.

If you are as excited about this range as we are, then please get in contact with our Sales Manager Darren Bell:

Darren Bell
Sales Manager
Mobile: +44(0)7803 627179
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