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Supplier of Innovative Products to the Education Trade

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Feeling Emotional

Many studies have shown that emotional development begins early in childhood and is at the core of a child’s well being. Many parents will be familiar with tantrums, crying and emotional outbursts in which a child will struggle to understand and convey their emotions.

Let’s take the example of two brothers where one has an ice cream and the other brother has none and starts crying. Is he crying due to sadness of not having an ice cream, or could it be envy, anger or disappointment? As children grow up, they learn to identify and express different emotions. They observe their environment, internalise it and then try to express emotions – this is a complex process between a child’s biology and their environment.

Emotional development is a key learning skill in pre-school children and we have a range of games to help them:

  • Emotions Fishing
  • Matching Pairs – Feeling and Emotions
  • Emotions Posting (due 2017)

Our games are great aids for teachers and parents to help their children identify and express their emotions. With Emotions Posting, we also promote the fact that children respond to the same environment in different ways. For example, with lightning, one child might be scared and another might be excited. These are great games for children to learn about how other children see the world around them.

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