Coronavirus (COVID-19)

These extraordinary times that we are living in have bought us all unique challenges, that we have never encountered before. All aspects of our lives have been changed, some, sadly forever. We want to communicate with all of our partners around the world, those of you who use, or have used our products in any way, either in schools nurseries at home or in any place over the last 30 years, and reach out to you all, and let you know that we are thinking about you in this difficult period.

Safety has always been our number one consideration in whatever we do, and this is particularly pertinent now, more than ever before. All of our dedicated team have been stood down from normal duty at our offices in the UK, but we are continuing to work from home to give you all the best service we possibly can. We can still be contacted by email at any time, and we are able to despatch orders when they are needed. If any of these positions changes, then we will let you know. If you need teaching support in the form of lesson plans for use either at home or in the classroom, then please be aware that we have free downloadable resources on our website, and we have put together lesson plans which we will be delighted to send to you if you need them.

Finally, we want to thank all of you who have supported our companies throughout the years, we value each and every one you very much. All of you who are educating our children around the globe play a hugely important role in the future, and we thank you all, sincerely, for your efforts, you inspire us with your dedication.

We wish you good health, and great strength as we come through these testing times.