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Supplier of Innovative Products to the Education Trade

For sales and service call

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Incastro – Award Winning Construction Toy

Winner of several toy awards, Incastro is a unique and inspiring educational toy. Incastro was born from a passion for design and was the brainchild of Italian architect, Angelo Caterino. Incastro is engineered from the highest quality materials to create a durable product that will last for many years. We are very pleased to be able to offer this ingenious construction toy in Europe. These construction sets are based upon a single piece:

Incastro Pieces

The magic of Incastro is shown in the flexibility of how you can construct models. There are over 15 ways to join the pieces together which will really challenge children’s cognitive and reasoning skills.

As children become more familiar with the ways that Incastro can join together, they can build more complex models. The beauty of Incastro is that you can build both solid structures which defined edges and also structures which can bend. No other construction toy has this variety and therefore children feel that they are continually learning new and interesting ways to create more complex models. A guide is included with all packs to help get children started on their construction learning journey showing model ideas.

If you are as excited about this range as we are, then please get in contact with our Sales Manager Darren Bell:

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