Mondrian Mosaics

Mondrian Mosaics
Mondrian MosaicsMondrian MosaicsMondrian Mosaics
Mondrian MosaicsMondrian Mosaics

Reference:  R-15637
Barcode:  0669601563798
Brand:  Roylco
Contents  1500 double-sided mosaics, up to 7 x 7 cm
Age  4+

Use mosaics, inspired by the artwork of Piet Mondrian, to create timeless crafts while exploring art history.

  • Characterised by straight lines, right angles, primary colours, along with black and white, and printed on both sides, these mosaics have a canvas-like look and accurately represent Mondrian’s colour palette.
  • Printed on ethically-sourced card with vegetable-based ink.