Sand Writers

Sand Writers
 Sand WritersSand Writers 

Reference:  R-59635
Brand:  Roylco
Contents  3 Sand Writers up to 20.5 x 12 cm and guide
L x W x H  25.5 x 29.5 x 10 cm
Weight  0.136 kg

An indispensable addition to your sensory sand table, the Sand Writer encourages children to learn through play! The Sand Writer is shaped like a funnel so students can use it for sifting through sand. Use the unique stopping mechanism to control the speed the sand pours through the spout. Scoop sand into the funnel with the shovel-like edge. Encourage children to use whole arm motions while passing the Sand Writer over the sand table. As the sand pours out, it creates beautiful trails. Write letters and numbers or build sand sculptures!