Geo Shapes

Geo Shapes
Geo ShapesGeo ShapesGeo ShapesGeo Shapes

Reference:  R-21003
Barcode:  0669602100336
Brand:  Roylco
Contents  800 pieces (29 simple geometric shapes) on double-colour card stock (2.5 - 10 cm) and 34 pattern cards (14 x 10 cm)
Age  3+

Explore the art of geometry! This huge collection of colourful geometric shapes will help give students a visual introduction to mathematics. Compose images of familiar forms using textbook math objects: square, triangle, octagon, parallelogram and many more. Package includes a guide with 34 pattern cards to help get you started. The pattern cards are grouped by difficulty (easy, medium, advanced) and contain fun images to build with the Geo Shapes!