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Number Beads Student Set

Number Beads Student Set

Reference:  EA-7-1
Brand:  Educational Advantage
Contents:  21 beads (1 each of 0, 6-10, +, -, ÷, x and 2 each of 1-5), 1 lace
Age:  3 years +

  • This pack is designed for single student use.
  • Students can use downloadable work cards with this set.
  • Contains 21 beads and 1 lace.
  • Beads are colour coded: evens are blue, odds are yellow and operations are red.
  • Beads are printed on one side to enable the teacher to hide a number for the child to identify.
  • Beads measure 2.5cm.
  • Laces measure 30cm.
  • Develops fine motor skills, maths and sorting and counting.