Connecting Number Tiles

Connecting Number Tiles
Connecting Number TilesConnecting Number TilesConnecting Number TilesConnecting Number Tiles

Reference:  EA-400
Brand:  Educational Advantage
Contents  74 tiles and 24 work cards
Age  2+
Cleaning Method  Hand wash with mild sterilising detergent
Piece Count  74

  • Made from 100% recycled material, these tiles are ideal for early numeracy skills.
  • Children can easily connect the tiles and take them apart again. The tiles are colour coded to show even numbers in blue, odd
  • numbers in yellow, and operations in red.
  • Each set contains 52 number tiles with numbers on one side and a subitising pattern on the reverse side apart from zero, 22 single sided operation tiles (plus, minus, equals, greater than and less than), and 24 double sided A5 work cards.
  • The 24 work cards are colour coded across 3 levels:
    • Green (level 1) - numbers up to 10
    • Yellow (level 2) - numbers up to 20
    • Red (level 3) - addition and subtraction questions to 20.
  • Ideal for several children to use at the same time.
  • Each tile measures 6 cm and is extremely hard wearing.
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