Small World Play in Early Years Settings

17 March 2023  |  Laura Manning

Small World Play refers to creative play with the use of small figures and resources; this encourages children to use their imagination to construct both every day and fantasy worlds.

Freckled Frog The Village

It is important not to forget that these resources are a driving point for imaginative and pretend play, where children can do pretty much do everything from acting out routines, recalling past events, or forming their own unique stories. Why not create a real-life place, such as a farm or a school in your Small World Play? Or how about creating a completely imaginary world? The options are endless!

Children have no limit to what they can come up with, so the more resources you can provide the better! Animal figures are perfect for creating jungle and farm scenes, and fantasy figures such as fairies, unicorns or dragons are great for encouraging children to create their ideal fantasy worlds.

What are some of the Benefits of Small World Play?

The Freckled Frog Wild Animals Set

Fine Motor Development

Small World Play is not only the perfect opportunity for children to practice their hand eye coordination, but it is also a great way to develop their fine motor skills.

The Freckled Frog Wild Animals Set is a fantastic resource for small world play! As children pick up and move around the miniature resources, they are developing their fine motor skills.

The Freckled Frog How Am I Feeling Today - Wooden People

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Why not try The Freckled Frog How Am I Feeling Today - Wooden People?

Children are able to express themselves and explore emotions that reflect on their experiences.

Whilst collaborative play allows children to develop confidence in social situations; playing independently really enables them to get lost in their imagination.

The Freckled Frog Happy Architect Raceway with Cars

Communication and Language Development

Small World Play encourages communication and language development within early years. Whilst children play in groups, they start to learn new vocabulary by chatting to each other.

You can encourage language development by introducing new descriptive words, for example; “this car is driving very fast over this bumpy road”.

What a perfect opportunity to use The Freckled Frog Happy Architect Raceway with Cars!