Wooden Number Rods Review

4 November 2021  |  Hannah

Wooden Number Rods Review

The Wooden Number Rods are a fantastic resource to have in the classroom. I use them on a daily basis with the Year 2 children in my classroom. The rods are a great practical and visual manipulative to support the teaching of Mathematics and they have been extremely useful in promoting childrenís sense of number. I like that they can be used in lots of different areas of maths such as number bonds, addition and subtraction, partitioning, fact families and even measure! They are also particularly useful when teaching children, the part-whole and bar model methods.

I often have the rods our available for children to use as an extension task. The childrenís favourite game to play is to race to see who can make the most complete bar models in 5 minutes. There are so many rods provided in the set that a whole group of children can race at the same time and we still have plenty spare! The rods are also great to use in intervention sessions to help address any misconceptions and consolidate learning in a fun and practical way.

Overall, Iím very impressed with this product and I highly recommend to other educators and parents.

Miss Barnes, Woodstone Primary School

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